Ken the label


Lenzing Modal® is fiber known for its ultra soft texture. We recommend hand washing in warm water and that you avoid wearing against coarse fabrics (ie thick linen) to avoid rubbing and piling.


Ken is designed, knitted, dyed, cut, sewn and packaged in Melbourne, Australia.

Our ribbed modal fabric is a luxurious and delicate blend of Lenzing Modal®, silk and elastane. Lenzing Modal® is a naturally soft fiber derived from an innovative process that uses sustainably sourced beechwood pulp.

These fibers are custom knitted and dyed for Ken in Melbourne. Our knitter and dyer is ISO certified and has a on-site water treatment plant where 80% of waste water is reused either on site or through external grey water usages.

Ken is also cut and sewn locally in Melbourne so we can follow the process and ensure the quality of our garments.

Knowing Ken is kind on the environment and your skin makes for an even more enjoyable experience. 


Investing a few minutes of care will ensure your Ken remains elastic and taut, and the fabric feels fresher and softer for longer.

Natural fibers like modal are known for their ultra soft textures. We recommend hand washing in warm water, as washing on a harsh cycle can cause lint pills to develop. Alternatively you can throw Ken in a delicates bag and machine wash if you are on the go.

Please avoid fabric softner and bleach; the softening agents and added fragrance can wreak havoc on the fabric, leave residue and cause discolouration. As our fabric is already super soft, there’s no need for this extra step.

Baking your garments in the dryer or dry cleaning will take the stretch out of elastic resulting in saggy tighty whities, colour fading and loose waistbands. Air drying is best. By placing your garment in the shade they are exposed to fresh air but not harsh sunlight.